Michigan School for the Blind Campus Main Administration Building - 1916, 1918, 1924; High School Building - 1912

Completed: 2020

Project Description

The Michigan School for the Blind campus, which operated at this location from 1880 until 1995, occupies approximately forty-five acres. Two of the six buildings that remain from the time the school closed, the Main Administration (1916, 1918, 1924) and the High School (1912) buildings were rehabilitated and converted into Senior Housing.  The elementary school and gymnasium buildings house a charter elementary school; the Neighborhood Empowerment Center occupies the former library; and the Superintendent's house is privately owned.  The campus and the surviving Michigan School for the Blind structures retain a high degree of architectural importance.


  • Edwyn Bowd
  • Manson-Jackson, and Kane
  • Lee black & Kenneth C. Black

Tax Credit

  • Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit Application


  • National Register of Historic Places Nomination


715 West Willow Street, Lansing, Michigan